Small Church Package #2
(Perfect for a church of 80 to 120 weekly worship attendees)
December 4, 2018

Retail Price:$2,200.00 Discounted Price:$1,760.00

YES, we ship internationally! Email for more info.

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Includes 100 RLC 40-Day Workbooks, 10 Small Group DVD’s and your option for RLC Swag: 100 Bracelets or 100 Fridge Magnets (we will automatically send bracelets unless magnets are requested)

Also Included: Small Group Guides, Small Group Videos, Sermon Manuscripts, Sermon Videos, Kids Weekly Curriculum, and Graphics Package

Also Included: 30-Minute Phone Call with Pastor Zach Zehnder to help implement RLC in your setting

20% Off Retail Price

Normally $2200… Yours for $1760 plus shipping (Shipping is $120 Media Mail and $240 Priority Mail)

YES, we ship internationally! Email for more info.

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