Red Letter Challenge exists to challenge you to become a greater follower of Jesus Christ. We create resources for all ages that help mobilize individuals, groups, and churches to follow Jesus.

We are living in a day with more information than ever regarding how to follow Jesus. Yet, with all of this information, there has never been more confusion on how to practically follow Jesus.

Our resources help make better disciples and point people back to Jesus Christ, the greatest disciple maker of them all.

Red Letter Challenge believes that the best way to follow Jesus is simply to follow Jesus. As we went through all the recorded words of Jesus Christ, we found 5 main principles that we call targets for followers of Jesus to shoot for.

BEING: We challenge people to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ believing that all the things we do for Jesus Christ comes out of our being with Jesus Christ.


FORGIVING: We challenge people to receive God’s grace for themselves believing that the more we receive God’s grace the more grace we give to others.


SERVING: We challenge people to serve and obey all that Jesus commanded believing that when we use our gifts and talents to serve others we experience incredible fulfillment.


GIVING: We challenge people to become more generous believing that when do lead a generous life we are reflecting both the heart of God and a trust in God’s provision.


GOING: We challenge people to go and speak the Good News of Jesus Christ believing that the Holy Spirit still changes the lives of others when we share how great Jesus Christ is.

We can promise you that through our workbooksblogs, and assessments you will become a greater follower of Jesus Christ.

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